• About Diplomatica Global Media

    Diplomatica Global Media is a multimedia news outlet exploring diplomatic micro-cities around the world.


    Founded as a newsletter in 2018 by Molly McCluskey, Diplomatica Global Media provides solutions-focused reporting on diplomatic properties around the world, and the roles these properties play in the history, environment, architecture, culture, design, and more in their host cities. Recognizing that foreign governments collectively own significant amounts of property in their host cities, and that how those buildings and lands are managed can have a tremendous impact on their hosts, as well as their own national policies, Diplomatica features the most innovative ideas and highlights critical challenges in this form of diplomacy. With an aim of making these properties more accessible to the public, Diplomatica Global Media also organizes cultural events.


    We are guided by advisors in the journalism, diplomacy, technology, architecture, urban planning, and sustainbility fields. Diplomatica Global Media is a 100% independent entity, registered in the District of Columbia, and is wholly owned by Molly McCluskey.